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The Morris S. Getzels Law Office will prosecute employers who terminate you for illegal reasons.


If you have been fired for an illegal reason that is a wrongful termination.


Common illegal firings include:



    * You were fired after complaining about discrimination, sexual harassment or overtime


    * You were fired even though you had a contract


    * Your employer is retaliating for your filing a complaint against him for breaking the law


    * You were fired for taking time off for military service


    * You were fired for refusing to perform in an unsafe or unhealthy work environment


    * You refused to break the law at your employer’s request


    * You exercised your right to vote


    * You helped organize a union


    * Your treatment at work was so harmful that you sustained serious emotional injuries


    * You were terminated on the basis of your race, sex, age, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or national origin






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