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Have you or someone you’ve known been the victim of an unjustified police shooting? Have you been falsely accused of pointing a weapon or being resistant? Have you been lied to by the police? Has evidence been planted to be used against you? You are not alone.


We represent victims of police shootings better than any other firm in Los Angeles. We have garnered a reputation that fosters the highest possible settlements for our clients.


Oftentimes, when a police officer shoots someone without justification, the police department falsely accuses the victim of having done something to provoke the shooting.

Based on extensive experience in cases involving police shootings, we have developed an effective strategy that begins with a one-on-one consultation. After meeting with you, our police brutality attorneys will assemble a team to prepare your case file, which will include:


- Expert testimony from Police officers

- Medical experts

- Physical scientists

- Ballistic experts

- Crime scene investigators

- Blood splatter analysis

- Bullet trajectory analysis


Morris Getzels Law Office is devoted bringing justice to people that have been involcved in a police shooting. We offer the highest quality representation, and have an unparalleled record of success. If you have been the victim of a police shooting, contact our attorneys today for a free initial consultation.






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