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Morris Getzels Law Office has extensive experience in Dental Malpractice litigation.


Your teeth are important to your appearance and your self-esteem. Damages to your teeth can alter your appearance and hurt your self esteem.


Dental Malpractice is therefore something that should be repaired as soon as possible. But dental repair work can be expensive and beyond your reach, which is when a malpratice suit become important, to help you obtain the wherewithal to have your teeth repaired. The Morris S. Getzels Law Office prosecutes dentists for, among other negligent acts:



    * Injurious Implants

    * Faulty Bridges

    * Below Standard Veneers

    * Poorly Done Crowns

    * Improper Root Canals

    * Tooth or Gum Perforations

    * Bad Restorative Work


Further, The Morris S. Getzels Law Office prosecutes dentists in all specialties, including:



    * General Dentists

    * Periodontists

    * Prosthodontists

    * Oral Surgeons

    * Endodontisits






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