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Morris Getzels Law Office prosecutes defamation of character (libel or slander) cases for private individuals and public figures.


Defamation of character can be a very serious offense. Professionals whose livelihoods depend on their reputations for good character, integrity, or trustworthiness, can lose their jobs, their careers, or their opportunities to contract with others due to mere allegations of misconduct or bad character.


Often, their employers, their business partners, their clients, their patients, licensing agencies, or the administrative agencies that regulate them cannot afford to wait until thorough investigations are completed before taking precautionary and economically harmful actions in response to allegations that are only possibly true.

If you have been defamed, libeled or slandered, and you have suffered substantial harm as a result, call us. We have experience prosecuting defamation cases, including internet defamation cases, in California. Since the statute of limitations for defamation claims in California is one year, it is important that defamation victims seek legal counsel quickly.


Victims of defamation usually have several options. We write cease and desist letters and retraction demand letters to try to stop defamatory statements from spreading before they do irreparable harm. When those letters fail, we file lawsuits for our clients. We will explain your options and advise you.






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