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Welcome to Morris Getzels Law Office -- the Los Angeles Area's premier boutique firm specializing in civil litigation services.

Civil Rights Attorney Los AngelesOur objective at Morris Getzels Law Office is simple: to give you the best legal representation possible. We take pride in knowing that we are achieving our objective by obtaining good results for our clients.


Morris Getzels Law Office knows there is no secret to making a client happy -- so happy, in fact, that they are passing along our name. A client is happy when the work is successful.


At the Morris Getzels Law Office, we custom tailor our approach to meet the goals of each and every one of our clients. In today's rapidly changing world, many other firms continue to employ a "one size fits all" strategy that simply doesn't work.


We understand that no two clients walk through our doors with the same set of circumstances. You have your own unique blend of challenges. We respect that and will take the time to listen to you in order to fully understand your concerns and goals.


We will then come up with innovative solutions to creatively and effectively achieve your goal. Morris Getzels Law Office successfully provides exceptional legal service to a diverse client list, including corporations, partnerships, businesses, and individuals.


Morris Getzels Law Office delivers superior legal services in areas of:



    * Civil Rights


    * Police Misconduct


    * Police Shootings

    * Personal Injury


    * Dental Malpractice

    * Defamation

    * Construction Contracts

    * Contract Disputes

    * Discrimination

    * Wrongful Termination

    * Sexual Harassment

    * Real Estate

    * Probate

    * ERISA






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